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Superannuation in Australia is an initiative by the government to fund retirees. The superannuation funds are formed by combining the contributions made by the employees themselves in their entire working career. These contributions are compulsory as well as voluntary. The contributions at the time of building up are locked and released when the retiree (previously the employee) needs it. These funds are well kept and preserved for long.

These funds are also termed as self-managed super funds. One of the great advantages of such funds are they are lightly taxed. The reason behind the tax relief is the encouragement for increased growth in the respective sector. A secondary advantage is unemployed citizens may also opt for contributing to such funds upto sixty-five years of age.

Supported and encouraged by the government of Australia, superannuation fund is part of the annual salary that is deduced after subtracting taxes and added to the retirement funds later. Superannuation contributions are set up by the company for the good of their own employees and workforce so that they may lead a secure life after investing so much of time and energy in the respective firm. During the retirement years a person has to manage his savings in a way that may fulfill the needs and wants of his family.

The self managed super funds reach out to people who stay in immense need esp. when situation arises of selling off their assets and other valuable items.

Our services include:

  • Reasonable Benefits limits (RBL’s)
  • Contribution levels.
  • Compliance with legislation.
  • Trustees statutory obligations and compliance with legislation.
  • Obtaining actuarial certificates for pension funds.

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