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Leasing is a flexible alternative (which is minimal in terms of initial capital investment) compared to bank loans that not only ask for down payments but don’t intend to offer much choice. Other benefits associated to leasing are that it provides protection against obsolescence permitting the upgrading of outdated equipment. All this brings about a significant reduction in taxes.

PB Harrison are able to arrange the following services:

  • Finance leasing:

    Finance lease is meant for those enterprises that prefer to retain the lease equipment at the end of lease period. Also known as capital lease allows the lessee to finance the purchase of the asset even though there is no sale involved.

  • Business leasing:

    Business leasing and lease finance continue to play a main role in companies today. More and more companies prefer such services as they offer tax advantages as well as advantages in the balance sheet of the company. Most business leasing services offer facilities like asset lending, equipment leasing, commercial real estate lending etc.

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