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Acquisition and Sale of Business

The acquisition and sale of business is an important milestone. The sale of business, for the seller, comes after years of blood, sweat of building up a successful business.

The acquisition of a business, for the buyer, often comes after much meticulous research into available business opportunities, the business to be purchased, and necessary financial commitment and sacrifice. The buying and selling process becomes easy only when both the parties assemble a team to handle the transaction. Both the acquisition team and sales team consists of members like business attorney, tax advisor say a certified public accountant and business broker. At the time of acquiring a business, you should understand the type of buyers for your business.

PB Harrison thoroughly assess the following points before going in for acquisition and sale of business, as the decision to either sell or purchase a business requires a detailed analysis.

  • To prepare a business prospect or sales document
  • To review current and future liabilities
  • To draft sales documents
  • Counseling with financial bankers and officers
  • To retain market and feasibility experts

The important processes under acquisitions and sales are as follows:

At the time of acquisition:

  • Due diligence
  • Negotiation
  • Legal agreement
  • Maximizing profit of the new entity


At the time of sale:

  • Valuation
  • Sale strategy
  • Business marketing
  • Maximizing return

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