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Are you a small business professional, looking for somebody who will provide advice to on individual procurement opportunities? Well, in that case you can get in touch with PB Harrison in Galston. We teach you how to do business with your individual component. You can bank on our small business specialist for different kinds of “non-procurement” issues. Capability statements as well as other marketing materials should be sent to the small business specialist(s) at the individual components.

Our specialists act as small business advocates and interface on behalf of small businesses with government contracting officers as well as contract specialists.   They aid small businesses in preparing to productively amalgamate themselves into the contracting procedure and obtain awards with their relevant companies.

Besides, you can also trust our small business specialists as they guide your marketing efforts and make you stand out from the crowd.  Our professionals are powerful individuals, who can pass your information on to the Contracting Officer.  Keep in mind, government agencies are looking for best value and if the Small Business Specialist can represent you as plausible solutions provider, that will abolish the CO’s nervousness about “taking a chance” by using your business on a future contract or project.

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