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Whether you want to expand your business overseas or are foreign investors setting up a business or subsidiary in some other country, you will surely come up with a number of challenges. Fortunately, things can turn for the better with PB Harrison. Management should navigate a multifaceted web of local tax laws including; indirect taxes, income tax, and double tax treaties. Besides, regular compliance matters, broader tax problems will also come up such as thin capitalisation, transfer pricing as well as capital gains tax.  The penalties for non-compliance may be substantial.

Resolving these problems at the outset may lead to major savings in the long term, from reduced taxation, avoiding penalties by ensuring fulfillment with local laws, making you aware of possible expenses and eradicating delays in establishing the subsidiary. Thankfully, our tax structure specialist in Dural addresses your tax needs and promises to help you with superb solutions.

At PB Harrison you will get one stop solution for overseas investment, come to know a lot about tax effective business, transfer pricing strategies, income tax issues, customs and indirect taxes, repatriating profits, and a lot more.  Our tax team possesses both local knowledge and widespread overseas experience. Our tax team includes knowledgeable international tax specialists who appreciate the requirements of both the ATO as well as overseas regulatory bodies.

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